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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

洋葱番薯圈圈 20/6/2018

50克 洋蔥(切小塊)
90克 熟的日本番薯/普通番薯
一顆 蛋黃
60克 太白粉
10克 無鹽奶油
6克 有機蔗糖 

2) 切一個洋蔥,也稱出所要的重量在同一個個杯子。
3) 加入一顆顆黃,糖和奶油,用攪拌機打成綿密到看不見洋蔥粒粒就可以了。
4) 加入太白粉,用湯匙攪拌均勻就可以了。 (用湯匙提起,麵糊緩慢滑落成三角形。 請看視頻) 如果太稀,可酌量加粉。
5) 把麵糊倒入一個膠袋子裡裡,剪個小洞,就擠出任何喜歡的型狀在烤紙上。
6) 送進已經預熱的烤箱150'C, 烤大約20分鍾。或看見餅乾開始上色即可關掉電源,燜5分鐘後出爐。


Sweet Potato Onion Rings
90g cooked sweet potato
50g chopped onion
60g potato starch
1 egg yolk
10g unsalted butter
6g organic cane sugar 
(may omit sugar if using japanese sweet potato)

1) Cook or steam 1 medium size sweet potato till tender. weight the required quantity and roughly mash it.
2) Cut the onion and add in the sweet potato.
3) add in the egg yolk then blend till very smooth.
4) add in potato starch and stir mix well with a spoon. (please check the consistency thru this video) you may more starch if it is too liquid.
5) put the mixture into a plastic bag and cut a hole at the edge (about 5mm dia.)
6) squeeze out circle or any shapes on the parchment paper which laid on baking tray.
7) bake at preheated oven of 150'C for 20 mins (turning tray half way) or till light golden brown.

p/s: texture is very crunchy once you bake it completely dry and you can keep for 1 week ++ in air tight container.

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